Showcase of PH tourism spots in Lego map

DAVAO CITY, Philippines - Everyone, especially kids, would definitely take a closer look and appreciate a Philippine map which is presently on display at the activity center of a shopping center in Davao City.

To commemorate the country’s 115th Independence Day, SM Lanang along with their partners created a map showcasing various tourist destinations across the archipelago using thousands of Lego pieces.

It took the workers and designers 8 months to complete the map using 50,000 Lego blocks.

The tourist attractions in the map include the Luneta Park, Malaca├▒ang Palace, Fort Santiago, Ilocos Wind Farm, Bohol’s Chocolate Hills, Tawi-Tawi’s house on stilts, the Philippine Eagle and Davao City’s Kadayawan Festival.

In SM City Davao, on the other hand, a 12x24 feet mosaic of a Philippine flag made from school supplies, including notebooks, pad papers, crayons, pencils and cartolina, is also on display.

Apple Legario, PR Officer of SM City Davao, explained that the school materials will be turned over the the City Social Service and Development Office to be distributed to daycare students in Davao.

"The school materials were donated by employees, tenants and our shoppers," Legario said.

115 flags were also hoisted by 115 security guards in the shopping center to pay tribute to the Filipinos who fought to defend the country’s freedom. -

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